HMAC Monthly Luncheon Recap – August 2008

Speaker and Meeting Recap:

Our speaker was Lieutenant Commander Adrian West, Commanding Officer, Maritime Safety and Security Team 91104, Galveston, TX. The MSST is a unit of the Coast Guard Deployable Operations Group and dispatched on Coast Guard or Department of Homeland Security missions.

Maritime Safety and Security Team Galveston is a Coast Guard anti-terrorism team established to protect local maritime assets. They are a harbor and inshore patrol and security team that include detecting and if necessary stopping or arresting submerged divers, using the Underwater Port Security System.

MSST Galveston was established in 2002, the fourth such unit commissioned in the Coast Guard.

MSST personnel receive training in Advanced Tactical Boat Operations and Anti-terrorism Force protection at the Special Missions Training Center.

In addition, MSST Galveston: Jointly staffed to maximize effectiveness executing Port, Waterways, and Coastal Security operations (enforce security zones, port state control boardings, protection off military out loads and major marine events, augment shore side security at waterfront facilities, detect WMD weapons/agents, and participate in port level anti-terrorism exercises.

Provide enhanced port safety and security and law enforcement capabilities to the economic or military significant port where they are based.

Deploy on board cutters and other naval vessels for port safety and security, drug law enforcement, migrant interdiction, or other maritime homeland security mission requirements.