HMAC Monthly Luncheon Recap – March 2005

Speaker and Meeting Recap:

LTC Robert Morecook PhD, Texas State Guard, presented an informative program on the role of the Texas State Guard in response to natural disaster or terrorist attack within the state of Texas. He focused on the state guard’s Medical Reserve Corps, also known as the Texas Medical Rangers. Texas Medical Rangers can provide volunteer medical personnel on a augmentation basis when local facilities are overwhelmed by disaster-type emergencies.

Dr. Morecook, a psychologist and professor of psychology at Houston Community College, is Executive Officer of the Houston Medical Response Group [HMRG], a subordinate unit of the Texas Medical Rangers. The HMRG is currently organizing in the Houston area. It is looking for volunteers with medical, veterinary, nursing, mental health, other health, leadership, or support backgrounds who can contribute time to caring for their neighbors and their state during emergencies.

The Texas State Guard and the Texas National Guard together constitute the Joint Military Forces of the State of Texas. Texas State Guard members serve on a volunteer, unpaid basis and only within the borders of the state.

More information about the Houston Medical Response Group is available at their website at