Judge Jason Luong Reunited with CDR Joan Tulich

Judge Luong and CDR Joan Tulich

If there is a truth to the phrase, “I know that I will see you again,” it is here. CDR Joan Tulich was stationed with the U.S. Navy in Guam during the end of the Vietnam War. In addition to providing assistance and care the Vietnamese refugees, she personally gave a kiss to every refugee baby that came through Guam. In May 1975, barely 6 months old, I was one of those babies that was lucky enough to receive one of those blessing kisses. Over 45 years later, I got to meet this extraordinary woman in person at the Armed Forces Ball.

Carol and I met her husband CDR Gene Tulich (Chair of the Houston Military Affairs Committee) at the City of Houston’s Event Honoring Vietnam War Veterans in March. When CDR Tulich learned about how my family left Vietnam the day before Fall of Saigon, were saved by the U.S. 7th Fleet, and processed in Guam, he told us about his wife and how she kissed every baby that came through Guam. I’m so glad to have met her in person. I told her her that I am one of thousands of VN refugees whose lives were changed by her simple act of kindness and that I hope that I’ve made her proud. Our Vietnam War veterans deserves special praise and thanks for their service. WELCOME HOME!

-Judge Jason Luong